Monday, August 27, 2012

Glacier National Park Day 4

On day 4 I made my way up to Many Glacier and secured a campsite. Then I spent the rest of the day at Two Medicine. I took the ferry across the lake and hiked up into Upper Two Medicine Lake.

St Mary Sunrise
Sunrise over Wild Goose Island

Sometimes I believe the park has a mind of its own. As if it were challenging me, making me pay a penance for taking away the photos of its rich sights. Sometimes the park wins. Upper Two Medicine was one of several occasions where I could just not overcome the challenge of the weather and lighting conditions to create the photos that I desired. This can be especially frustrating after one has spent so much time and effort to reach a photo site, hiking for hours, stomping through mud and climbing up hundreds of feet. I learned that sometimes its best just to take a deep breath, and accept it.

We are only human, and Glacier is a beautiful reminder of just how human we are.

Wild Goose Sunrise

Saint Mary


Sunday, August 5, 2012


I went over to Seattle for a few days to see Seafair 2012. I needed a break from working on Glacier photos too so here's something a little different. Still 3 more days of Glacier to go.

HMCS Edmonton and Nanaimo

USS Halsey



Downward Spiral

Rainier Aerobatic

Seafair Warbirds


Seafair Mustang 1

Seafair Mustang 2

Seafair Thunderbolt

Fat Albert

Blue Angel 6

Blue Angels Echelon

Blue Angels Seafair

Blue Angels Diamond

Blue Angels Seafair 3

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glacier National Park Day 3

Logan Pass is an elusive path. For only about two to three months a year is it actually passable, and this is because of the determined efforts of the Glacier Park employees and the contracted construction workers. Each winter the area gets up to 100 ft of snow fall, due to drifting over the divide. Then in the summer, torrential rains in the mountains can bring down great piles of rock and scree.

This was the case when I initially arrived at the park. A storm a few nights before had trapped vehicles on the pass when it brought down a rockfall. I decided to be patient and hope that the Park officials determined the road to be safe in my first two days. Luck finally showed itself on the night of my second day when the road reopened, just in time the planned morning journey over it on the third day.

From left to right; Mount Oberlin, Bird Woman Falls, Mount Clements (rear), Mount Cannon.

Mount Cannon
Mount Cannon

Lunch Creek Falls

My plan had also included securing a camp site at Many Glacier to use as a base camp for the rest of the trip. Much to my surprise, Many Glacier was completely full by the time I arrived, apparently it is much more popular then I realized. Knowing St Mary was already full I drove to Rising Sun and got a campsite there for the night. This wasn't so bad in that I was planning on hiking to Virgina Falls which was in the area, and I would be able to shoot sunset and sunrise in St Mary, which I had never done before.

Camp set up completed I hiked to St Mary and Virginia Falls. I believe it was on this hike that it finally set in how much water I was photographing on this trip. Undoubtedly it was linked to the temperatures in the 80s every day. As I finished the hike a rain storm was closing in so I headed back to camp and decided to wait out the rain on the porch of the nearby camp store. The night died down quietly and my easy day with it. The next day would be another easy one, but not nearly as rewarding in photographs.

Wild Goose
Wild Goose Island

Going to the Sun Mountain
Going to the Sun Mountain

Fountains of Man
St Mary Lake

St Mary Falls
St Mary Falls

Virginia Falls
Virginia Falls

Sol Mons
Going to the Sun Mountain

Wild Flower
Wild Flower

Rising Sun Rainbow
Rainbow at Rising Sun

Citadel Mountain

Little Chief
Little Chief Mountain